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Play free solitaires online on We have many different solitaire games like Klondike, Spider, Spiderette, King albert, Youkon, FreeCell and many more. You can try flash versions of Czarina or Demon Patience. We are focusing on flash solitaire games but we will work to provide you with mobile versions of all famous patience games. is a place for free solitaire online solitaire, mahjong and puzzle games. Play your favorite solitaire or relax with some bubble shooter and match three games. Enjoy the best online puzzle games. Our goal is to create nice, quiet place where people can relax and play, and we are trying our best to achieve this. We are working on collection of our own solitaires and an app to bring them to your mobile device. Making our visitors happy is our important goal!

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Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell, Midnight Sunitaire, Black Hole, Eight Off, Fortune Solitaire, King Albert, Forty Thieves, Six by Six, Spiderette, Spider, StoneWall,Youkon, Czarina, Big Bertha Patience, Black Widow Patience, Demon, Eagle Wing, Grandfathers Clock, Le Cadran, Sultan, Raglan, Tarantula Patience, Halloween Solitaire, Alternate

Basic Solitaire Rule

Solitaires are one of the most addicting things that you can do. So the most basic rule is to not get too addicted and stay focused on your work or study.
If you don't know how to play certain solitaire or need some help you can always read the in game help or the game details right bellow the solitaire.

Klondike Online Solitaire

Klondike is the most popular and played solitaire game and many people know it as just solitaire. It has simple and clean rules, comes out often and its great for beginners. Play Klondike on our site, the first game is klondike solitaire and we have some other variations of it.


FreeCell Solitaire is the other very popular solitaire game played by everyone. Its also great for beginners as its almost always solvable. You can try and play it here.

Big Bertha Patience

Big Bertha Patience is frequently solvable large-scale solitaire game. This solitaire has some sort of unique feature as the kings don't play much of a role here as they are removed when causing a problem. Big Bertha is played with two packs. Your aim is to build sequences from ace to queen by suit on the eight foundations.

Meet us

Hello! We are a group of people that really like solitaires. We play many solitaires offline and online. So at a certain moment of time we decided to make this site so we can play our favorite games. Currently we work with developers to make some more solitaires for our site and to export some of the games for your android phone. If you have some feedback or recommendations for us you can send us an email at If you have favorite solitaire and you can't find it online you can send us the rules and we can try and make it available.

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