Pyramid Solitaire Game

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Pyramid Solitaire Game
Pyramid Solitaire is popular cards game where you have to remove all cards from the tableau (pyramid). Its popular and easy solitaire game with simple rules.
Rules of Pyramid Solitaire:
The object of this solitaire is to remove all cards from the pyramid. This solitaire is played with standard 54-cards deck. Each card has value. King is 13, Queen is 12, Jack is 11 and Ace is 1. The highest card is 13. You must match two cards that together make 13. Only Kings are alone as their value is 13. You can draw cards from the stock and use them to match with the cards on the pyramid.

To win this game you need to remove all cards from the pyramid.

What to do to win Pyramid Solitaire game:
First check if the game can be won - sometimes all cards of a type are at the top of the pyramid and you will be out of moves when you reach them.
Remove Kings the moment they are available to take.
Plan your moves so a card you need won't be left stuck under another.
Remove cards on the pyramid first. If there is a move available with a card from the pyramid and a card from the stack, choose the one on the pyramid as this game is won when you clear it.
Don't forget the rule to win this game - remove all cards from the pyramid.

Pyramid is cool patience game that is solvable most of the times. With just a bit of planning you will be the winner of this solitaire.
This game is totally free and available for mobile too. Its a html5 solitaire game for your free time and enjoyment.